About Jett's Legacy


Jett was not just a dog, he was the first German Shepherd that I belonged to. I remember getting him as a fuzzy little 8 week old pup and watching him grow into the gentle giant that he was. He moved right in and made himself at home in the house and in my heart. For 13 years Jett was there for me every day, rain or shine.  ​ ​

In March 2013, Jett bloated and was rushed to the emergency vet. He survived surgery but unfortunately, a blood clot slipped to his brain and he went to the Rainbow Bridge. My heart was completely shattered.  But out of that pain, came the decision to open up that spot in my home for a dog in need. To help out the many that didn't have the life that my Jetty did. With the help of my best friend, Jett's Legacy German Shepherd Rescue was born.

We do all we can to provide a safe and loving environment, a temporary home and a place to heal, mentally and physically until our dogs are ready to find their forever home.