Dixie - Sancutary Dog


We love our seniors here at the rescue and when our vet called to say that they needed our help, we made room.   Dixie is a 9 year old sweetheart that was surrendered by her owner because she did not get along with the new baby in the house.   Don't let her age fool you, this old girl has plenty of life left.   She loves to run in the car and chase cars through the fence.   And boy can she run.   Though she has a great deal of energy she does love a snuggle on the couch.

Dixie has been with us since July, 2015.  Since coming here to the rescue, we have noticed that her behavior has begun to change.   Our sweet lovey girl has now begun to growl, bare her teeth, snarl and snap without provocation.  Though this does not happen all the time, it does occur often enough that we feel it would be best for Dixie to stay here with us to prevent the possibility of her biting someone.  Diagnosis by our veterinarian showed that Dixie suffers from some serious arthritis in her hips and legs which is very obviously causing her pain during the colder months.   We now have her on glucosamine supplements as well as pain medication to help with her arthritis.

Dixie is part of our Sanctuary Program and looking for a sponsor to help with her expenses here at the rescue.

Name: Dixie

Breed: Australian Shepherd mix

Sex: F

Age: born 7/2006

Weight: 45 lbs ‚Äč