There comes a time in every rescue program that a dog enters your program that for whatever reason, is unadoptable.  That doesn't mean that these dogs need to be abandoned in the shelter or euthanized.  These are the dogs that may have untreatable medical issues and are therefore hospice cases, or unexplained behavioral issues that training cannot always help.  Remember, these dogs come from unknown situations, which range from lack of socialization and attention to severe abusive and neglectful situations.

We here at Jett's Legacy feel that these dogs deserve the same love and care as any other dog.  Though we focus on dogs that are more adoptable, we do find ourselves with dogs that are not adoptable and will provide them with a safe and healthy environment where they can live out their lives, knowing the love they may never have known before coming here.

There are always costs associated with caring for an animal and these dogs are no different.  Routine preventatives (flea/tick/heartworm), yearly immunizations, wellness checkups and testing as well as food, bedding, etc can cost between $500-$1000 annually.   Here's are a few ways you can help sponsor one of our sanctuary dogs:

  • Set up a recurring monthly donation for a specific dog or as a general donation
  • Send a yearly donation
  • Make a one time donation
  • Purchase items off of our Amazon Wish List (such as food, toys, bedding)


Click here to go to our "How You Can Help" page for more information on donating to the rescue.

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