Name: Trey 

Breed: German Shepherd Mix 

Sex: M

Age: ~ 11 years old 

Weight: 75 lbs


Trey - Sanctuary Dog


‚ÄčThis smiling 10-11 year old male German Shepherd mix is just one happy dude in spite of his handicap.  Trey was found as a stray by a wonderful lady in Texas in the summer of 2012 missing his right front leg.   It was very obvious that he had been well taken care of and had once had a family that took great care of him.  Unfortunately, his owners were never found.

Being a tripod doesn't slow this boy down at all. Trey LOVES to go for rides in the car, play with toys or simply hang out for belly rubs.  He is such  happy senior and always has a smile on his face.  Trey found his forever family in January, 2016.  Unfortunately, he was beyond distressed to have left the rescue and his buddies here after all the time he has spent with us..   Both his adoptive family and JLGSR determined that it would be in the best interest of Trey if he stayed here at the rescue to live out his days.   Should the situation ever arise that we cannot continue to care for him, he will go to his forever family.   In the meantime, they continue to sponsor all of his costs as well as spoil some of the other long term residents here at the rescue.   We could not be more grateful.

Trey is a member of our Sanctuary Program